Zagreb, 2020

Beyond the surface appeal, we strive to capture the essence of who you truly are. Our designs reflect your authentic self, magnetizing your ideal clients effortlessly. Unleash your uniqueness online without ever sacrificing your authenticity.

We believe in more than just superficial aesthetics.

We are font regard

Last year I decided that I wanted to do something different and create a specific service (websites and brand identity) to a specific segment of people (women coaches, like YOU). I decided on coaches because I knew a lot of coaches and they were amazing people that I would love to work with. Plus, I believe that everyone could benefit from a coach in one way or another, I've hired several so far! That's how Font Regard came to be.

To be honest, my entrepreneurial journey has been a wild ride, to say the least. Lost my dad, weathered through the whole COVID situation, moved to Croatia where I now live, and hopped through over 20 countries (mostly alone).

Stability hasn't exactly been my strong suit. I understand that building a business isn’t linear, it has ups and downs, it can have you up at night crying, questioning everything… Who needs an alarm clock when stress wakes you up? But in the end, if you chose this path, it’s probably for a reason, maybe a reason that you don’t often articulate. My hope is that I can help lighten the load in the design and website department, and offer a friendly hand of support while sharing a few laughs.

  • I became a digital nomad in 2017 where I traveled to 5 different continents (mainly as a solo traveler)
  • I have lived in Zagreb, Croatia since late 2020 
  • I am an empath and highly sensitive person (HSP)
  • My favorite shows to binge watch are The Office and Gilmore Girls

Fun Facts


Founder   \   Kim Walters

As a child i was always working on art projects, i explored everything. painting, drawing, clay, beads, pastels, dioramas, you name it i tried it.

Naturally, went I went to college I decided to get my degree in Graphic Design. 

When i first got into freelancing, I mainly used UpWork. I got a few clients from friends and family, but the pay wasn’t that great and it wasn’t consistent.

I tried Fiverr for awhile, but soon realized it wasn’t worth it as the clients seemed more demanding than higher paying ones. 

It all started because of travel. 

In 2016 is when I first heard of that term 'digital nomad'. It was all over after that. I can travel full time and work to pay for it?! Hell ya baby!

I was instantly obsessed with finding a way to work online, even though I was working remote as a web designer at the time I knew I wouldn't have been able to take my role on the road.

I researched all the things and even went to a digital nomad conference. I enrolled in god knows how many online courses and read many many blogs. I even got into drop shipping for a hot minute, but I quickly realized that wasn’t for me. 

I always made my way back to design. I’m not exactly sure why i tried different avenues, maybe shiny object syndrome. Or i thought it sounded cool to own my own online store. But all roads led back to design. 

How Font Regard came to be...

MeET Kim

"I know one of the biggest challenges with hiring a designer can be the communication and that’s why I make it a priority to understand what my clients want and communicate openly and freely. I want my clients to be able to ask me anything and feel as involved as they want in the design process. I believe everyone is unique and deserves to be seen, heard and understood so it’s my mission to translate that into their company’s image."
- Kim
  • We specialize in helping coaches just like you transform their brand and / or create a beautiful Showit website
  • We listen– you can be involved in the design process or not, but that is up to you!
  • We want you to be in love with your website and branding and will work with you until you are happy with the end result
  • We are flexible with our approach and how we will work so if something we are doing doesn't work for you we will try our best to adapt
  • We offer website maintenance packages if you don't want to worry about keeping your website updated. View Services.

What makes us different:

why hire us?


what we are about

communication & respect

having fun while being creative

At the end of the day I prefer Showit because it is so easy to get your website to look like how you want it to look like

I remember getting so frustrated using WordPress when it wouldn't perfectly line up images, or it wouldn't completely stretch across the page, the logo looked weird, etc. I'm sure you know the struggles!

I never experience those things on Showit and even if you have someone build your website take comfort in knowing that it will be easy to keep it updated in the future!

Community and support.
There are plenty of helpful resources out there if you get stuck and need some help! If you have any questions please send me an email at!

Why showit?

User-friendly interface.
Showit allows you to drag and drop things where you want them to go. No more playing around with padding and margins in frustrating widgets. Things will stay where you want them to stay!

Beautiful templates.
If you don't want to build your website from scratch you won't have much trouble finding a template that you will fall in love with. Of course, if you purchase a site from us we will make sure that is it a  custom design.

Easily customizable.
Showit is design first, you don't need to know any coding whatsoever. Everything is customizable and easily changed or updated.

Integrate with WordPress.
If you want to have a blog on your website, then Showit offers a way to integrate with WordPress's blog features. 

Works on mobile.
You are able to easily design your website on desktop and mobile, even looking at them side by side as you do so.

Alison bradley | founder of wacky puppy design

Kim is an outstanding designer, incredibly professional and easy to work with! As a creative director with over 20 years of experience, I've worked with many designers, and all I can say is that Kim is one of the best: she is very creative as well as detail-oriented, a pleasure to work with, a great communicator, and I enthusiastically recommend her for your projects.

megan bailey | shed and shift

Kim was conscious of my needs from the very start and took the time to understand my brand and its values. Kim then put together a stunning logo and color scheme that perfectly captured the essence of my brand.

Not only was Kim incredibly talented, but Kim was also lovely to work with. Kim was always available to answer my questions and was willing to make changes until I was completely satisfied with the final product.

Toni anderson | cruises by toni

It was a pleasure working with Kim. Kim was very professional, responsive to all my emails, and delivered on time. I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with her again."

client love

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